League Of Legends Tips For Successful Betting

betting on ESports

With the increasing popularity of ESports, betting on ESports is also becoming extremely popular. And you can certainly call League of Legends (the game is also called LoL for short!) one of the supreme disciplines in the industry alongside CS:GO and Dota, FIFA and Fortnite. And in this article I have listed tips for successful and safe LoL betting, how to increase your chances of success when betting on this game and make informed predictions. Let’s get started!

Rely on a good understanding of League of Legends

And I don’t just mean the basics of the game. Of course, everything starts with the basics: What are the goals of the teams, what roles are there in the team, what are the game mechanics, etc. Once you have dealt with the basics of LoL, you are already analyzing the game as an advanced gamer/tipper . It’s worth watching several LoL games, studying the special features of the game and playing LoL yourself at a good level.

Analyze the performance of each player in the team

betting on ESports

Even though League Of Legends involves two teams and not two players competing against each other, it is often the performance of the individual player that plays a decisive role in victory. So be sure to take into account the rating and skills of the individual players and not just all the form curves of both teams. In addition to the current game statistics, the psychological aspect must also be taken into account.

How are some players motivated? To learn more about it, read not only the official game statistics, but also social media, the teams’ latest interviews, as well as their own posts on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Maybe something happened in a player’s personal life that influenced his motivation can influence? Who is the best player on each team?

Pay Attention To Matchday Form

The matchday form describes the current status of the team. Is the esports team currently on a winning streak or losing streak? What were the team’s last wins and/or losses? This factor must also be taken into account when submitting a tip.

Stick to the limits

As with betting on anything in general, you have to manage your budget wisely when betting on LoL. You should first set your monthly betting budget (bankroll) and never spend more. Then you have to manage your monthly bankroll wisely. Try to develop your own betting strategy according to which you place bets.

Orient yourself to the existing strategies: Martingale strategy, Kelly formula, Fibonacci strategy, Oscar Grind strategy, D’Alembert system and etc. The strategy of flat bets, according to which you always place one for each bet, is popular with newbies spends a fixed percentage of his bankroll. For example, 5% of the bankroll, and not a cent more.

Keep an eye on betting odds

betting on ESports

Betting odds reflect the probability of winning the bet and the amount of the payout. Therefore, it is extremely important to read, understand, track and compare betting odds. An odds is also an indication of which teams and/or players the bookmaker considers to be favorites and underdogs.

Betting odds for underdogs are always associated with higher payouts, so bets on underdogs are very profitable. And even if two bookmakers have the same priorities when it comes to teams in a specific tournament, their betting odds are likely to differ. Therefore, look for the highest odds for your bet so that your payout is as high as possible.

Don’t just limit yourself to the classic betting markets

If you take part in betting on League of Legends, you can find the wide range of different betting options online. Classic bets are on the winner of an individual game (winner bet) or tournament (long-term bet).

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